Assemble with Care Review and Guide: A Good Sign of What’s to Come from the Apple Arcade

By Sam Simmons |
The Good

Engaging addictive gameplay

Immersive narrative

The Bad


When the Apple Arcade was first announced, several of us all raised eyebrows and doubted its success. If Assemble with Care shows what’s coming, then expect the Apple Arcade to be a huge success.

What is Assemble with Care?

Assemble with Care is a restoration game, where you play as a globetrotting antique-restorer who has stopped off in a small town for a food festival. She advertises her presence in the village and gets a variety of jobs which all seem to be connected in some way.

So the aim of the game is to restore various antiques and electronics for the nice people of this small town. All while becoming a better person in the process.

What is Gameplay like?

Gameplay is a soothing, detailed experience of getting to grips with some weird and wonderful items. Take time taking apart each item and replacing any damaged parts along the way.

What makes the experience enjoyable is the fully narrated gameplay and the immersive story. You do feel like you’re taking these items apart and returning them to their former glory.

Any negatives?

Well, I would say the gameplay is solid and enjoyable, just like the storyline. However, the campaign is short and can be completed in a matter of minutes rather than hours. I am not saying that I want to be fiddling around with an old camera for hours, but only putting in a new mirror and film is a little dull.

As the story progresses there are more things to do, like wiring and adding a selection of parts, yet something still feels missing. I can’t put my finger on exactly what, perhaps more levels or perhaps I was never meant to restore anything. All I am saying is there is something that stops me saying that Assemble with Care is a must-play.

Tips, Cheats and Strategies

I thought it was a good idea to include some useful pointers to anyone starting a campaign. Making mistakes along the way is part of the fun, but it can also be frustrating. Following these tips is sure to keep you from putting Assemble With Care down in frustration.

  • Check your parts first. If they give you a bunch of circuit boards and wires, then odds are they are all going to be used at some point. Assembling your device before adding all the parts will mean you will have to take it apart again.
  • Test your restoration. In the later stages of the game, they give you more complicated devices. This means there are more parts to configure and get to grips with before you reassemble your item. If you have the opportunity to test to see if what you did works, do so. There is no point fully assembling your item to find out you didn’t wire it correctly.
  • Don’t skip the commentary. I know a lot of you will read faster than the characters can talk, but this is not a game to rush through. Take your time with everything you do and enjoy the fact that the game is read to you. They put a lot of effort into this game, so why not just sit back and enjoy it?

My overall impression of Assemble with Care was that Apple has launched a service that is well worth every penny. I never had a problem shelling out money for good looking premium titles. But being able to pay for a bunch of games and playing the ones I like the look of was a brilliant idea.

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