Angry Birds Stella POP! Review: Pop Goes The World

The Good

Bright, colorful graphics.

Good animation.

Easy, addictive gameplay.

The Bad

Victory becomes quite difficult to achieve early on.

I’ll go ahead and admit I’m fond of Stella and her pals. They’re just as irate as their popular male counterparts, but nobody tells them not to be angry. Nobody says “That’s not the way for nice lady birds to act.” No, when people (or pigs) get on their nerves, the girls of Angry Birds don’t hold back their emotions.

That said, get ready to see a lot of frowning feathery faces in Angry Birds Stella POP! from Rovio. Even though this bubble-popper is quite fun, it’s engineered to make you lose again and again. When you fail, the Angry gals get mad alongside with you. They are your bluebirds of solidarity.

Have you ever seen a spider on your ceiling, and proceeded to throw shoes at it in hopes of landing a long-range squish? The premise for Angry Birds Stella POP! is similar. There are pigs way up on high, shrouded in bubbles and taunting you. You must match same-colored bubbles to pop them and send them plummeting. Does the fall actually kill them? Maybe. That’s not your problem.


What is your problem is making sure you drop the requisite amount of pigs within the necessary amount of moves. It gradually becomes more difficult as obstacles like glass and wooden planks get in your way and eat up valuable shots.

There are other challenges to deal with, too. In fact, each one of Stella’s friends commands their own type of level. You may need to pop bubbles to free critters, or pop the very top row of bubbles to reveal faeries, or clear an entire screen within a time limit.

Whatever you’re required to do, you’ll notice it quickly becomes very difficult to three-star a level. Every shot you take must be perfect, and that’s much easier said than done when you’re simply not getting the colored baubles you need to make pig-killing matches. By the time you reach the second set of levels, you’ll be gobbling up your Retry lives like pigs scarfing down eggs.

Things aren’t entirely unfair, though. Each girl has a special power that you can unleash once you charge it up by making a bunch of matches in a row. These can be a big help in clearing a level within the required amount of moves. Unfortunately, it is also extremely easy to lose your charge if you’re issued a bubble that simply has no mate to match with. When you lose your charge, your bird pal gets frustrated – and so do you.


Oh, and sometimes you elect to pay hard currency to keep on going, only to be issued five measly bubbles that still aren’t the necessary color for clearing house.

Angry Birds Stella POP! is admittedly addictive, which is the nature of a bubble-popper. Despite the game’s massive helpings of frustration, the sounds, animations, and sheer satisfaction of landing that perfect shot keep you coming back again and again.

Go ahead and give it a try, but be prepared to get angry. At least you’ll be in good company.

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