Amelie’s Cafe Review

In Alawar’s newest time management game, Amelie’s Cafe, you’ll help Amelie do everything from serving customers to decorating the cafe in order to bring new customers in. Can you help Amelie succeed in making her grandfather’s cafe the city’s new hot spot?

Amelie’s Cafe has you following the lovely Amelie as she tries to turn her grandfather’s rundown cafe around while he fulfills his lifelong dream of traveling the world. Amelie must find a balance between working the front of the house as a waitress and making all the business decisions for the cafe in order to make her Grandfather’s cafe a success.

Much like other time management games like Diner Dash, Amelie’s Cafe puts you in control of Amelie on the main floor of the cafe. As each customer comes in, you must click on them to take their order and then click on the appropriate food station to make the staff fulfill that order. Customers get impatient as they wait, though, so you must get their order out quickly in order to make the most money off each happy customer and reach your daily goal.

On top of taking care of your customers, you also have to keep each food station clean, give donuts to customers for dessert and perform other additional tasks as the game progresses. While tasks are added throughout the game to increase the challenge, upgrades are also offered to help you, such as neater staff members or new decorations for the cafe.

Finally the game also adds in an item match system that provides you bonuses like clean stations, happy customers or money when you match up three or more icons. You earn these icons when you complete action chains on the floor like clicking on three food stations in a row. To match the icons, you only have to click on the unwanted icons in order to set up your matches.

The career mode gives you three different cafes to play in and each cafe has 15 to 24 days to play, each with a normal and expert money goal to complete. Survival mode gives you an endless day to play in any of the cafes you’ve unlocked.

While the first hour of Amelie’s Cafe was fun to play with its fast-paced gameplay and challenging levels, I found the later levels had too many additional elements, which removed some of the fun factor from the game. You had to worry about serving the customers, ordering the food, cleaning the stations, giving out donuts and matching up icons, which really became too much for me to concentrate on all at once.

If the developers had made just a few little adjustments to the game like allowing Amelie to carry two brushes at the same time instead of one, the game might have been less frustrating.  It honestly would have made sense, especially since Amelie can carry multiple foods items at once, so what not let her carry two brushes at once too?

The icon matching system, though a great to have around for the bonus effects, could have been executed differently as it took your attention away from the main game way too often. Plus, it kept adding in new icons without explaining their use, and in such a fast paced game, it’s hard to catch what exactly each icon does as you use them if their effects don’t last long enough to see them.

I did enjoy the 3D animated graphics in the game and found them to be quite cute. The main storyline was told in a cartoon comic book style, which was easy to read and follow along with. The music score was simple and cheery, but didn’t really stand out.

While Amelie’s Cafe the latest game to jump on the restaurant-themed time management game bandwagon, I certainly don’t foresee it becoming the Number 1 time management game out there. Maybe if you’ve beaten all the rest and are looking for the next extreme challenge, then this would be your game, but if you’re like me and like your casual games casual, then I highly suggest downloading the demo first to see if it’s to your taste.

If you liked this game, try Diner Dash: Hometown HeroDelicious 2 Deluxe, and Roller Rush.

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