Amazing Adventures Around the World Review

By Marc Saltzman |

If you see people with smiling faces strolling down the street, it might be because they’re hidden object game fans. After all, they’ve been spoiled lately with a string of impressive downloads, including Women’s Murder Club and Hidden Expedition: Amazon, to name a few. Now you can add Amazing Adventures Around the World to that list. The latest in hidden object games offers plenty of seek-and-find fun to lat you through the summer.

In SpinTop’s Amazing Adventures Around the World, you’re asked by a museum to traverse the globe in search of broken pieces of an ancient tablet, and by piecing them together it should lead you to the most expensive gem on Earth: the “World Diamond.”

You’ll visit dozens of spots from around the world, beginning in Europe (Greece, London), then heading east to Morocco and Russia, down to South America, over to Asia, and then just about everywhere else – from the northern Canadian tundra to southern Australia. Gamers will get a sense of how big this game is, featuring more than 100 levels spread out among 25 attractive locations, and with more than 2,100 hidden objects in total.

In the main “Find the World Diamond” story mode, players will begin with the usual “Where’s Waldo”-style gameplay: you must find a list of items scattered about a busy scene. These items are listed at the bottom of the screen, such as “a single die,” “2 insects,” “the number 3,” and a “heart.” I enjoyed how sometimes you only received a clue and must find the appropriate item; clues might be “ex-caterpillar” (look for a butterfly), “used on hooves” (horseshoe), shows movies (look for word “cinema”) or “projects voices (microphone).

In some cases, however, there were items on the screen you would think would be relevant, such as clicking on a skull when you’re tasked to find “bones,” but it was wrong. If you click an incorrect item too many times you’ll lose some points from your overall score. Find items quickly in succession, though, and you’ll be rewarded with a time bonus.

Gamers can also find two hidden jewels on each level – such as a white diamond, blue sapphire, green emerald or a drawing in a book – and it goes into your inventory. If you collect all 50 gems you’ll unlock two additional game modes: “Spot the Differences” (see below) and an “Unlimited Seek and Find” but with different objects to find for each of the 25 levels, and no story element.

Every other level or so players will enjoy playing a mini-game. Some might be jigsaw puzzle-like, such as one that has you rotate pieces and place them on a board, while another challenges you rotate square pieces locked into place until you’ve created a scene, and a third has you exchange one square with another until you’ve matched the complete picture on display in the corner.

Other mini-games include a “spot the differences” scenario where you must click on one of two nearly identical side-by-side images when you see something missing, such as a hat on a hat rack on one side. A similar mini-game involves dragging and dropping items from the bottom of the screen back into the scene so that both side-by-side pictures look the same. Personally, I enjoyed the word search puzzle, which proved to be a nice change of pace from the rest of the gameplay.

Because of its breadth (many locations, objects and mini-games) and depth (hint-based objects that forces you to think), Amazing Adventures Around the World offers a lot of bang for your buck. The dangling carrot – collect 50 gems to unlock two more modes – offers plenty of extra motivation for players, too.

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