A Game With Balls Review

A Game With Balls is a game with fun that you simply can’t afford to miss

Puppy Punch Productions delivers their latest project to iOS and Android, offering a new twist on the shooter genre. The experience doesn’t set out to change the world, but it is, nonetheless, A Game With Balls.

A Game With Balls (AGWB) presents players with a simple premise: protect your cannon. Objects of various shapes and sizes will fall from the top of your screen (the game is played with your mobile device turned sideways), and you need to shoot balls at shapes in order to nudge them aside, keeping them from colliding with your cannon. As straightforward as the concept is, it’s surprisingly engaging and fun.

The game is played by tilting your mobile device in order to aim your cannon; you fire light attacks (small balls) by pressing on the right side of the screen and heavy attacks (larger balls) by pressing on the left side. Controls feel good and work well.

There are four game levels to choose from, unlocked using points earned through gameplay. Though the fundamentals are essentially the same for each level, the different sizes of shapes and the physics they create force you to change up strategies often.

In spite of the core mechanic resting on a sort of tower-defense approach, players are encouraged to be proactive about shooting. Points and achievements are unlocked based on your performance, and players can track their progress for unlocking each individual medal.

The budget-priced package also includes online leaderboards, which are a huge incentive to keep you coming back for more. At the end of each level, you can post your scores to either your Twitter or Facebook account. The social elements are really well thought out.

As focused as the gameplay is, this isn’t a twitch shooter. AGWB is more a Zen experience in the vein of Planet Puzzle League or Big Bang Mini. The music is often trance-inducing, making a nice match for the more laidback yet deceptively challenging gameplay on offer here.

A Game With Balls

A Game With Balls

Each level is also distinguished by a unique visual style. Though tastes will certainly vary, I enjoyed the Classic level the most. AGWB has a tight, compact look overall that is inviting and easy to navigate. Perhaps my only real gripe with the game is the lack of diversity with the shapes and cannons, but considering what you get versus what you’re paying, mobile gamers are getting an excellent deal here.

There’s an ocean of content to sift through on the app market these days, and many great games too often get overlooked. Do yourself a favor and make sure A Game With Balls isn’t one of them. From the simple, approachable, and ultimately incredibly fun gameplay, to the leaderboards, points system, and easy-to-access social elements, Puppy Punch has put together a remarkable application that is a must-buy for gamers on the go. Multiple difficulties make ends meet nicely.

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