Zombie Smash! Vasebreaker Returns in Plants vs Zombies 2

Long, long ago, a hero named Link taught us a lot of good can come out of smashing pottery. That’s only half-true in Plants vs Zombies’ popular Vasebreaker mini-game, wherein broken pottery can contain a power-up or a zombie. All that guessing isn’t easy, but it sure does make for a nice distraction alongside regular zombie-shooting.

PopCap has some good news for those of you that like to bash crockery: The Vasebreaker mini-game from the original PvZ is making its return in the latest update for Plants vs Zombies 2. Now you can defend yourself against waves of the undead menace by breaking pots that may contain plant power-ups – or more zombies.

The new version of Vasebreaker has some new features, including:

  • A “Butterizer” power-up that stuns zombies, presumably by clogging their ancient arteries with cholesterol.
  • An “X-Ray Vase” that lets you see who or what is hiding in each vase.
  • The ability to move vases to empty spots in order to give your plants a clear firing path.
  • An endless mode that challenges you to defend yourself against wave after wave of zombies until your brains are inevitably ripped out of your skull and stir-fried.

The Plants vs Zombies 2 Vasebraker update is now available on the App Store and Google Play, so smash your mother’s best china in celebration.

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