Why Pokemon GO when you can Poke a Mango?

Whenever there’s a hit on the App Store or Google Play, there are usually a million imitators that try to cash in. Pokemon GO has seen no shortage of these. From maps to local chat apps, there are thousands of Poke-inspired apps.

But none have made me smile quite as much as Poke a Mango.

poke a mango

Maybe I’m just a sucker for a good pun, but Poke a Mango is a game that delivers exactly what its title promises. It’s a clicker of sorts, with players tapping on a mango as fast as they can to net a high score. The catch is that every so often you’ll get something other than a mango, and if you click it, the game is over. Sometimes it’s a teapot. Sometimes it’s a cat in a boot. But whatever it is, it’s always not a mango.

Poke a Mango is silly, dumb fun. It’s the sort of app you’ll install so that you can mispronounce Pokemon Go as a joke to your friends. It’s the Dad joke of mobile apps.

For that reason (if that reason alone), Poke a Mango has been a welcome addition to my home screen.

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