We Didn’t Know You Could Beat Threes, But Someone Did It

When last you probably heard about Threes, the smash hit puzzle game released by Sirvo three years ago, it was probably because its success was being rapidly consumed by clones like 2048. It’s back in the spotlight for a more pleasant reason: someone finally beat it.

If you were unaware that Threes had an ending and actually could be beaten, you’re not alone. It’s safe to say that most players and game journos never considered that it might, and most people would have given up long before reaching it.

Twitter user @ThreesPorn (because of course) did not, though, and we have their intrepid spirit of persistence to thank for video proof of what awaits at the game’s conclusion.

Confetti for everyone!

As noted by The Verge, it’s possible that players have beaten Threes before since it’s been out for a while and just never posted their accomplishment to social media, like it was 2005 or something. But designer Asher Vollmer actually responded to ThreesPorn publicly, making the historic victory that much sweeter.

If there’s a lesson here, besides the idea that it’s much more rewarding to beat Threes than 2048, it’s to never give up on that mobile game you really love even if the rest of the world has mostly moved on. It’s possible there’s an end to it or at least a new nugget no one has previously unearthed, and it’s hard to get anything from a game much cooler than that.

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