Valiant Hearts: The Great War is Now on Android

The games industry is hardly lacking for titles that cover the events of the Second World War, but games centered around the First World War – the so-called “Great War” – are rarer. It’s no wonder Ubisoft’s Valiant Hearts: The Great War drummed up a lot of interest when it hit PC, consoles, and iOS earlier this year.

And now, finally, this wartime tale is available on Android. Head over to Google Play or the Amazon App Store and get ready to laugh, cry, and learn.

valiant hearts the great war

Valiant Hearts is a puzzle / action game that follows four playable characters (plus one dog) as they slog through war-torn Europe. Players rely on wits more than weapons as they solve puzzles to surmount traps and obstacles. Along the way, lessons about the war are doled out via photos, essays, and first-hand encounters with trenches, gas, and barbed wire.

Whether you grab the game on iOS or Android, you’ll receive the Valiant Hearts: Dogs of War interactive comic book for free.

Valiant Hearts is also available on Google TV.

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