Vainglory Autumn Season 2016 Arrives in Update 1.22

Ah, autumn! It’s my favorite time of year since it means football begins, the leaves change colors, guys stop wearing shorts (because male legs were made to be covered) and a new season of Vainglory arrives.

That last one may not be part of your celebration of all things fall, but maybe it should be. Autumn Season 2016, which has arrived with Update 1.22 for Vainglory, not only marks the one-year anniversary of Vainglory esports. It also brings with it a new hero, Baron, new skins for existing heroes, a special Autumn game map and more.

Perhaps more importantly since Vainglory is the industry leader in mobile MOBAs, the game has also received some improvements to make it easier to play on smartphones. Mobile controls have switched locations, putting them within easy thumb’s reach, and buffs and pings should now be more readily visible on phones.

Vainglory Update 1.22

The camera shift feature is also intended to improve the quality of life for phone gamers, but should help people playing on any device. Simply tap and hold to move around the map.

Super Evil Megacorp wants more people to get involved with Vainglory too, which is why there’s a focus on social features too. Update 1.22 eases the process of recruiting friends to play using social media, SMS or good old-fashioned email, and the company is promising more improvements to the game’s social aspects in the near future.

You can find many more details on the update on the official Vainglory blog. If you’re into the game mostly because of the esports aspect, it’s worth noting that Vainglory is going to crown its first official world champion in December. The event will be run by Twitch and Super Evil Megacorp, and will take place at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood from December 2-4. There’s more info on those championships out now as well.

Is this all enough for you to think of Vainglory when you think of autumn? Only you can answer that, but I’ve done my best.

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