Turbo Trot is a Cute and Frustrating Equestrian Nightmare

By Rob Rich |

We’ve got all sorts of one-tap games about all sorts of stuff (avoiding traffic, avoiding pipes, running across rooftops, etc). Turbo Trot continues that trend by putting you on top of a blocky horse and challenging you to avoid things like water-filled holes and chest-high shrubberies.

It’s also as hard as an iron bit.


It’s a simple matter of alternating taps between the left and right sides of the screen – left for a trot and right for a jump – but it gets real tough real fast as the screen starts to scroll and panic starts to set in. I’ve found that face-planting into foliage or a large puddle, even after only a handful of moves, is fairly common.

You can also earn coins by completing tasks (ex: jump over X water hazards) and by watching videos, then use those coins to unlock other goofy steeds like a toy horse, a Trojan Horse, what looks like a stack of ironing boards, and so on. Either way you’re still doomed to trip up and get tossed off your mount – or fall off the side of the screen – but you’ll have a bit more say in how you look while doing it!


Turbo Trot is a simple, no-frills, nice-looking one-tap game that will probably drive you mad. But that’s sort of the point, isn’t it?

Turbo Trot is available now as a free download on the App Store.

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