Throw Baguettes at Randos: Bowmasters Gets PvP Multiplayer

Bowmasters was a surprising arcade treat when it released back in August. The projectile-tossing one-on-one deathmatch pits players against an A.I. opponent with only their throwable weapon at their disposal. The goal is simply to hit that opponent from across the map by adjusting your aim and strength of throw just right to nail headshots or other incapacitating blows that will reduce their health bar to zero before they can do the same to you.


Although the idea is engaging in short bursts and the maps have varying hilliness to force alternate throwing styles, Bowmasters’ biggest weakness was a lack of gameplay variety. Knocking body parts off A.I. opponents admittedly felt repetitive after awhile, especially since an experienced human Bowmaster could take down any computer challenger with ease. The already available same device two-player mode felt unbalanced, as it only featured single-round games and the first player had a definite advantage.

This will hopefully be remedied now that Bowmasters has online multiplayer starting today. The option to play against random other unicorn-tossing dictators is all we’ve ever wanted, and developer Playgendary intends to deliver.

That potential roster will also increase with the new update, as more playable characters are added. This area is Bowmasters’ other strength, as each character has a distinct style and type of weapon making up their arsenal. The current character list includes a baguette-tossing mime, a swordfish-wielding boat captain, and a gamepad-chucking rage-faced streamer, just to name a few. The update adds even more opponents, including an elf king, cat lady (who, we assume, will throw cats), and another selfie addict to steal the throne from the game’s selfie stick-waving hipster.

Challenge us to a cat-tossing match online. Bowmasters’ new characters and multiplayer mode are available now.

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