Threes! Free Is a Thing, Here’s What’s Different

If you follow the mobile gaming scene on any level, you’re probably familiar with the Threes! / 2048 disaster that dominated the scene in early 2014. It was nothing short of a disaster, with a free clone quickly following the release of the paid Threes! and overtaking it to the point where some thought Threes! was the clone.

If any situation on the mobile front has ever truly left a bad taste in my mouth, this was it.

A year later, the developers of Threes! are back — and this time they’re fighting fire with fire. Threes! Free is, as the name suggests, a 100% free version of the normally paid game. There are no in-app purchases to make, and no ads to watch (unless you choose to). Instead, Threes! Free works on a credit system. You’ll use one whenever you want to play, and to earn more you have the option of watching a video ad.


It’s enough to give gamers who don’t want to break out their wallets the full Threes! experience, and if you don’t like to have to watch the ads, the premium version is always available without the need for credits to play.

Doing free-to-play in a way that’s fair to both the developers and the players is a constant challenge in mobile gaming, but the team at Sirvo LLC may have hit on a winning combination. If you’ve been playing 2048 all this time, it’s time to upgrade. Threes! Free is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

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