The Walking Dead: Road to Survival Explores a World at War

Technically, the entire world is always in a state of conflict when we’re talking about a zombie apocalypse as there’s no real chance to just sit on the sidelines forever. But the World at War update for The Walking Dead: Road to Survival sure sounds like an escalation of the usual status quo between humans, other humans and walkers, and it’s live as of today.

The update introduces a five-week long story arc that just so happens to coincide with the return of The Walking Dead to TV sets everywhere (except in the house of yours truly, who scares easily) for the back half of season 7. It also adapts parts of the “All Out War” arc that comic fans will instantly recognize, adding new Kirkman Signature Series characters.

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

And that’s not all. Scopely and Skybound have also teamed up with MatPat of The Game Theorists to create The Walking Dead: Road to Survival Facebook Messenger chatbot for what they are calling “a gripping text-based adventure.” In addition to finding and meeting MatBat in the chatbot, you’ll be able to unlock his in-game character and have a chance to win five-star characters for Road to Survival, limited edition Skybound merchandise and comics signed by Robert Kirkman.

Like we said, it’s a lot more than the normal walker-killing and uh, surviving. The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is a free download you can grab now from the App Store and Google Play.

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