The Walking Dead Pinball is Out Now

Wish it was 1988 again, back when every worthwhile license got a pinball machine? Me too – and while nothing will ever replace the feel of real flipper buttons at your fingertips, Zen Studios have been trying to give nerdy pinball enthusiasts like me everything we could hope for.

They’ve tackled everything from Marvel to Star Wars, but today they decided to go with something a little more deadly. Undeadly? Whatever. It’s zombies.


Based on Telltale’s Walking Dead adaptations, The Walking Dead Pinball seemingly offers just one table and – in the brief time we’ve spent with it – watertight physics.

From Zen Studios, we’d expect nothing less.

Pick it up for $1.99 from the App Store today, Google Play tomorrow, or hit this link to check out plenty of screenshots. We’re a little surprised to find only one table in the offering, but hey – at least it’s a good one.

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