The Sandbox EDU Helps Kids Create, Destroy, Learn

By Nadia Oxford |

The Sandbox by Pixowl is a 2D world-building game. Such open-world projects do more than stimulate curiosity and creation: They also have a way of firing up a desire to learn. That’s why Pixowl released The Sandbox EDU, a Sandbox game engineered specifically for kids age six through 12.

The Sandbox EDU focuses on providing a casual game experience that encourage kids to learn through experimentation and self-direction. There are more than 50 lessons in a variety of categories, including earth sciences, music, physics, electronics, and, of course, pixel art (the future of retro game development starts today!).

There are more than 150 elements for kids to build and problem solve with, and The Sandbox EDU rewards creative thinking and scientific investigation. The best news is, “scientific investigation” in this case does include building stuff up just to see how nicely it blows apart when certain elements are applied. Hooray for science!

The Sandbox EDU is available now on iOS for $2.99.

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