The Force Awakens Comes to Star Wars Commander

New content for Star Wars Commander has arrived today in the form of a The Force Awakens update. Headlining the update are the inclusion of two new Force Awakens-themed characters, and a brand new region for players to campaign through.

Takodana is a brand new planet to the Star Wars universe, which should be more formally introduced later this month when The Force Awakens hits theaters. Home to a wide assortment of scoundrels, scavengers, and smugglers, Takodana appears to be a Mos Eisley of  sorts. The two new units reflect the rugged nature of the planet: the Luggabeast Munitioneer is a beast of burden who can be deployed alongside units to increase their offensive capabilities, and the Dowutin Hunter is a dangerous soldier unit that carries thermal detonators and a modified starfighter blaster cannon.

Star Wars Commander

To encourage players who may have left the game, anyone who logs into Star Wars Commander will receive 5 free consumables for each of these two units (for a limited time only).

According to the press release accompanying today’s announcement, Star Wars Commander has been downloaded 20 million times since its debut late last August. Players have participated in 500 billion battles and 5 billion stormtroopers were deployed in those battles.

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