The Crown Championship Fall Season Will Determine the World’s Best Clash Royale Player

If you play Clash Royale regularly, there’s a better than average chance you think you’re pretty good. But are you among the best players in the world? That’s an entirely different question. If only there was some way to determine who really is the best …

Oh wait, there is! The Crown Championship, Clash Royale’s official esports competition, is set to kick off its 2017 Fall Season on Aug. 16 with the Crown Championship 20 Win Challenge. It runs through Aug. 20 and it couldn’t be simpler as there’s no registration necessary. Simply log into Clash Royale and start seeing what you’re made of.

Winners in the Challenge will receive some cool in-game prizes and move on to Phase 2, which consists of bracketed tournaments pitting them against other winners in their region. That action will take place from Aug. 23 to Aug. 28.

Still dreaming about being in the hunt after that? Good, though you might get a dose of reality in Phase 3, where 12 survivors of the tournaments join with four top returning players from the Spring Season in what is ominously being called Elimination Week. From Sept. 5-7, each region — North America, Latin America, Europe, China, Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia and the Rest of the World — will cut their fields in half.

The Top 10 Phase will then determine who advances to the Fall Finals, a live event on Nov. 11-12 to award the title of “Best Clash Royale Player in the World,” as well as divvy up a prize pool of $1 million. That’s not too shabby just for beating a lot of people in Clash Royale.

To get in on the fun, all you need to be is at least 16 years old (but keep practicing kids, your day will come) and a resident of the region in which you are competing. Anything else you need to know can be found at You’ve got less than a week to sharpen up those skills in preparation, so no matter how good you think you are, we’d suggest getting some practice in right after you’ve checked out all the relevant info. Good luck!

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