The 7 Second Challenge App Makes it Easier Than Ever to Humiliate Your Pals

By Nadia Oxford |

If you’re young and / or hip, then you’re probably already familiar with Dan, Phil, and the 7 Second Challenge. If those words mean nothing to you, an explanation follows. First, you might want to pull up your slacks, tighten your suspenders, and puree some prunes.

The 7 Second Challenge is a viral pastime cooked up by Dan and Phil, two Radio 1 DJs who’ve become popular YouTube personalities. The instructions for the challenge are simple enough: A friend (or enemy) orders you to perform an action over the course of seven seconds. The more outlandish, the better. The ensuing hilarity is then filmed, and sometimes put up on YouTube for everyone to point and laugh at.

7 second challenge

Mind Candy’s new 7 Second Challenge game / app is basically a convenient all-in-one way to put your friends to this test. The app does the work of making the suggestions (there are reportedly hundreds, according to Dan and Phil), makes the recording, and provides handy buttons that let you judge whether or not your pal’s performance is a win or a fail. You can even save the video to your phone, or immediately upload it to YouTube.

The 7 Second Challenge app is fun to pass back and forth between two people, and there’s also a party mode that lets a group of friends engage in video hijinks. Fans of the Challenge will definitely appreciate this all-in-one package, and the suggestions all seem to let you get crazy without destroying yourself or public property. It’s $1.99 USD, which is a pretty good price tag for the content and features within.

The 7 Second Challenge is on the App Store now.

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