Test Your Reflexes and Stamina With Cliff Hopper

Has it been a little too long since you last felt like Indiana Jones? Cliff Hopper is here to help you fix that. Take Cliff, your friendly local adventurer on the trip of his lifetime in this endless platformer as he tries to outrun a giant boulder on his descent down a mountain. His path to safety is both broken and complicated. There are loads of gaps he’ll have to leap across, spikes he’ll need to avoid, and abrupt turns to pivot. In order to keep Cliff safe, you’ll have to develop the reflexes of a cat.


Fortunately, the controls in Cliff Hopper could not be more simple. A single tap lets you turn (if you’re on a turn square) or jump (if you’re not). Tap twice to double jump and get some extra air mileage. Miss a turn or a jump and you’ll immediately find yourself falling off the cliff face so pay close attention while playing. Cliff’s life is in your thumb. At the same time Cliff Hopper doesn’t take itself too seriously — pay attention to the rotating list of subtitles that appear on the menu screen.

Cliff Hopper

At the end of each attempted descent, you start back at the beginning — but with the path ever-changing it doesn’t feel stale. If you find saving little Cliff isn’t enough of an incentive, you can cash in your coins to help unlock additional characters.

Cliff Hopper is the most recent release from Parisian indie studio Mana Cube, perhaps best known to gamers for Dungeon Monsters. Graphically, the game seems to be inspired in equal parts by Temple Run and Crossy Road while remaining distinct in its own right. It performs really well on older and newer devices alike, so there’s no real reason not to at least give it a try.

Cliff Hopper Gameplay

If you’re looking forward to getting your journey started Cliff Hopper is available now for both Android and iOS.

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