Taiko Drum Master Comes to Puzzle & Dragons

Is there a combination out there that’s more warlike, more blood-stirring than dragons and drums? Survey says “no.” Imagine you’re some poor schmuck of a knight guarding a piddly castle wall. Suddenly, a heartbeat the size of a mountain slowly floats towards your ears. It gets louder. And louder. Then it works itself into a thudding madness as a line of dragons and their riders burst over the horizon–

Okay, well, the latest franchise cross-over for Puzzle & Dragons includes dragons and drums, but it isn’t that bloodthirsty or melodramatic. The drum in question is Don, the adorable mascot from Taiko Drum Master, a Namco franchise that’s fiendishly under-appreciated here in North America.


You can find Don in Puzzle & Dragons’ dungeons, and recruit him for your cause. Don’s appearance is coupled with a new dungeon that boasts four difficulty levels, the hardest of which is “Oni” (Oni are demonic creatures from Japanese myth, and not exactly known for being pushovers. So…tread cautiously).

Most importantly, Don’s presence is accompanied by unique music and sound effects that sound like a taiko drum being struck. Yes! Jack up that volume! Wake up your parents! Enrage your neighbors!

Don and the new dungeon are available right now in Puzzle & Dragons. Happy drumming.

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