Surprise! Pokemon Duel Strategy Game Launches on iOS, Android

Remember the dark times when there were no official Pokemon games on mobile except for an app for playing the Pokemon TCG? Pokemon GO was just kicking the doors down, apparently, because Pokemon Duel just released on iOS and Android.

We’re as surprised as you are, but in the most pleasant possible way. The Pokemon Company describes Pokemon Duel as a “strategy board game” where players compete using teams of six Pokemon figures. Winning a duel means getting one of your figures to the opposing goal before the other player does the same, and every Pokemon figure has different moves and abilities.

When two figures interact, they do so by spinning dials on their bases to determine their attacks. It reminds one of a virtual take on HeroClix, yet with more randomness involved.

There are also plates each player can play at the start of each turn that can do thing like swap the positions of figures on the board or buff the abilities of Pokemon. Rewards come in the form of packs that use the currently en vogue time delay system before they open, and of course, there are IAPs to buy more figures and plates as well.

Pokemon Duel

Not only are we stoked simply for a surprise Pokemon mobile game, this one looks legitimately interesting in its own right. While we try to digest it and dive in for more coverage, you can download Pokemon Duel for free from the App Store or Google Play. And who knows — since Pokemon mobile games are now apparently an ongoing thing, maybe we should all keep our heads up for more.

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