Supercell Posts Job Listing for New Builder in Clash of Clans

Perhaps no company has managed to wring as much mileage out of a cosmetic in-game change as Supercell has with the departure of the Builder in Clash of Clans. While it was sad to see him go and wander the world, it’s not like the game has changed. You can still place and upgrade buildings just fine, thanks, as rando Barbarians have taken up his hammer.

Nevertheless, we, and we presume bunches of other players, remain strangely fascinated by where the Builder may have gone and what’s next for him. He’s no stranger to social media, so he’s popped up on Instagram and looked pretty happy finding himself. But Supercell seems to accept the fact that he’s gone and moved onto the next stage, which is replacing him on an ongoing basis.

How do we know? Because thanks to Pocket Gamer, we’ve discovered that Supercell has posted a job listing for a new Builder in Clash of Clans. It’s hilariously presented as a full-time position and definitely seems to be for the dedicated only.

We need a new Builder. Are you an independent and passionate maker? Do you love spending 24 hours a day turning wood and gold into walls and defensive buildings? Do you answer the call to build even if that call comes at 4:00 a.m. and you haven’t had a day off in literally five years? If the answer to these questions is “Yes! Yes! A million times yes!” then we have a hammer with your name on it!

Some of our favorite qualifications include:

  • Must have up-to-date Level 9 Tesla Tower maintenance certification
  • Must adhere to strict dress code (orange sleeveless shirt, brown canvas pants, and boots).

The biggest thing that could be a dealbreaker, though, is that you have to “be willing to relocate to the World of Clash.” That could be difficult, seeing as it’s a game and all. Anyone know if that thingie inside Flynn’s Arcade still works?

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