Super Stickman Golf 3 Gets Alto’s Adventure Course

Everyone loves Alto’s Adventure, and they should. The snowboarding title was one of the most stylish mobile games of any kind to release last year, one that truly transcended its basic concept.

That said, it doesn’t necessarily seem like the type of game that would provide obvious for a golf game, but that’s exactly where we’re wrong and Noodlecake Studios is probably right. Their team has joined forces with Snowman to bring a new course called “Alto’s Ridge” to the Downloadable Courses area of Super Stickman Golf 3.


As you might correctly guess, it’s an awesome recreation of the art style from Alto’s Adventure. And instead of being closed like your public golf course is when it’s snowing, you can just buckle down and play through this one, white stuff be damned.

Here’s what Noodlecake has to say about it on the company blog:

Not unlike the Super Meat Boy course from SSG2, “Alto’s Ridge” brings in the gorgeous design work the game is famous for, along with some unique new ways to explore the artwork from the game.

From the iconic windmills, snowy slopes and more, fans of Alto’s Adventure are sure to love mastering this new course. And it is available right now via the Downloadable Courses section of SSG3. It’s time to return to the mountain!

We couldn’t sell it to you any better than that. To play Alto’s Ridge, you’ll need to download Super Stickman Golf 3 for free if you haven’t done so already, and then invest in the Premium Upgrade. From there you can download it and have at it. I’m absolutely 100% uncertain about what the Rules of Golf say about your ball getting stuck in a snowdrift or ricocheting off a passing snowboarder, so you’ll just have to figure that stuff out for yourself.

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