Spinnner Is a Thing (and You Should Know about It)

As a self-proclaimed, “game for kidults”, Spinnner (with 3 Ns) is a game that will literally send you spinning through your room.

You see, the whole point of Spinnner is to see how fast you can spin around in a circle ten times. By utilizing the Gyroscope in the iPhone, Spinnner keeps track of how many rotations the user has completed.


If spinning around your room like a tornado-person isn’t embarrassing enough, Spinnner also records video through the front-facing camera. When you challenge your friends and family (through online or local connections) everyone can watch your reaction as you try to spin as fast as possible.

Equipped with the face-recording feature (like what was seen in mega-hit Heads-Up!) and the absurdity of the game’s sole request, Spinnner certainly has the potential to go viral.

The developers encourage players to experiment to see who can spin the fastest, and provide suggestions, like swiveling office chairs and roller-skates, to adventurous players.

Pick up Spinnner in the App Store for $0.99.

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