Smooth Operator is Ready to Start Macking

By Rob Rich |

Much has been said about Beardo Games’ tonsil hockey simulator, Smooth Operator. It’s kind of tough not to want to talk about a co-operative game about kissing. But while the talk continues, the wait is finally over.

Beardo Games was groovy enough to let me take an early look at Smooth Operator, and it’s look even better than what was originally teased. The Simon Says-style button pressing has also been replaced by a more fluid-feeling swipe system, with each player controlling a different side of the shared screen.

It’s a little trickier, since you have to keep your fingers down and steadily trace different paths – usually in time with a level’s music – but the added level of challenge is definitely an improvement. Some seriously tongue-twisting (in a literal sense) special moves have also been added, which both players can attempt to pull off after a successful make-out session.

It’ll be interesting to see how Smooth Operator is received now that it’s live on the App Store. I guess the big question now is, are you ready to love?

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