SimCity BuildIt Update Makes Cities Green Again

Yep, the latest update to SimCity BuildIt allows you to drench your city in gallons of green paint, creating a paradise that would cure Kermit the Frog’s melancholy about his color.

Wait, that’s not right. What it actually does is add things you usually can’t build (even Superman can only change the course of mighty rivers) with pond, lake and forest tiles to create cities that are greener and more naturally beautiful. EA says you can even create rivers by stringing together multiple pond tiles, and that the forest tiles feature three different kinds of trees.

Also coming on October 5 is the new season of the Contest of Mayors. For eight weeks, players will compete against other mayors in a variety of challenges with limited time rewards at stake, including new structures like the Old Town Stronghold, City Fortress (hopefully not because you’re expecting an invasion) and Citadel of Contess.

Topping off the new in-game goodies will be seasonal items for Halloween starting on October 16. Expect to find the Graveyard, Scary Carousel and Mansion of Horror, among other things. No word on whether those will make your Sims happier or more anxious about living in your city.

But you can start with beautifying your city the natural way, as the Lakes & Rivers update for SimCity BuildIt is available today. Grab it for free from the App Store or Google Play if you haven’t done so already, and remember to keep all that concrete and metal in balance with nature. Because now you’ve got no excuse not to do it.

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