Shooty Skies, a Game from (Most of) the Crossy Road Team, Is out Now

Why did the chicken cross the road? To distract the world long enough for a cat to climb into a plane and take off.

What? It makes perfect sense.

…At any rate, Shooty Skies, a shoot-em-up title from Mighty Games (a team that includes Crossy Road developers Matt Hall and Andy Sum), is now on the App Store. Given the game’s pedigree, it comes as no surprise that it utilizes the same adorable “boxel” graphic style that’s come to define Crossy Road (and innumerable other games since).

In fact, Shooty Skies dishes up more of the endless arcade-style action that Crossy Road hooked us on. You start the adventure as a cat in a plane. You shoot automatically as long as your finger is on the screen, and as soon as you lift it, you start charging for a big missile-based attack.

shooty skies

Of course, charging up leaves you vulnerable because you can’t move as long as your finger isn’t on the screen. But that charge attack may save your cat-bacon when the game’s roster of weird enemies (giant mouths, giant beavers, flying monitors with cat videos on them) start piling on you.

Surreal as it is, there are still plenty of traditional shmup mechanics at work in Shooty Skies. You can upgrade your firepower and acquire option characters who fire from your wings.

Oh, and there are pilots to collect, too. Lots of them. Including a very familiar chicken who’s usually ground-bound.

Grab Shooty Skies on the App Store for free.

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