Season 2 of WWE SuperCard is Ready to Choke-Slam Your Free Time

Sailing in from left field like an RKO outta nowhere comes season two of WWE SuperCard. WWE’s card battling game has received a whack of new content in time for the all-important SummerSlam Pay-Per-View, including enhanced gameplay and tons of new wrestlers. These spandex-clad warriors are like Pokémon. You can’t collect just one.

Of particular note is the debut of NXT wrestlers, as well as enhanced King of the Ring tournament play and an updated Exhibition mode that includes a Divas card slot. The addition of a new slot lets you play an additional Diva in solo matches, and it also opens up the new Diva tag team option.


There’s a new global chat system, too. Now you can interact with other players and discuss your favorite matches. You can talk about your favorite wrestlers as well. “Hulk Hogan” is not a good answer.

The update is free to download, so here’s to long mic promos and tables that don’t break when they’re supposed to.

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