Rovio’s RETRY Is out Now

If you’ve been waiting for a Flappy Bird-inspired game that offers up a tight design and a decent challenge, you’re going to want to give RETRY a challenge.

We first went hands-on with the game when it soft-launched in Canada this past May, and while the Flappy-craze seems to have died down since then, there’s no denying that Rovio’s take on the genre is well worth a look for gamers in search of a brutal challenge.

Instead of a random yet repetitive endless challenge, you’ll need to guide a plane through pre-designed levels that (more often than not) have a phone-throwing level of difficulty to them. At least they did for me, but my Flappy Bird high score never really went north of 30, so YMMV.

If challenging games are your cup of tea, RETRY is really worth a download. Now that it’s finally available worldwide, you can grab it for free from Google Play and the App Store.

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