Rodeo Stampede Takes You to the Outback in New Update

Notice that we said Rodeo Stampede takes you to “the” Outback and not just Outback. The former is the “vast, remote, arid interior of Australia,” according to the great depository of all human knowledge called Wikipedia. The latter, of course, is known for the Bloomin’ Onion and delicious steaks.

You won’t find any of those food items in the new Rodeo Stampede update, but what you will discover is a whole new region waiting to be explored. With that comes new dangers, but also new animals. In fact, they might come hand in hand, since developer Featherweight Games says that among the 49 new animals are examples of “deadly but cute wildlife.” So we should pet them, or …

One of the new species is the Dropbear, an animal I don’t think exists in real life (side note: I’ve never been to the Outback, so they might be real for all I know). As he is wont to do, the Dropbear waits in trees to ambush you, though if you manage to launch and lasso him first, you can ride him just like any other animal in the game.

Rodeo Stampede

Also new as of the update is fire, which should need no introduction. Should you find yourself on fire, there’s no option to stop, drop and roll, but you can make a beeline for the nearest body of water and survive if you reach it fast enough.

The Outback joins the Jungle, Savannah and Mountains as regions to conquer for your sky zoo, giving you plenty to do if you want to lasso all the animals now in the game. And if you’ve yet to begin that journey for some reason, you can download Rodeo Stampede for free from the App Store or Google Play. Good luck, mate!

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