Rodeo Stampede Scares Up Halloween Content

The sky has darkened above both your Sky Zoo and the lands in which the stampedes take place, with thunder and lightning filling the air. As you ride, you notice a lot more candles, jack-o’-lanterns and tombstones than there used to be, which isn’t difficult since there were none before. What in the name of the Rodeo Stampede is going on?

It’s Halloween, silly! Featherweight Games and Yodo1 Games have redecorated all the regions of Rodeo Stampede for the season, making your lassoing adventures that much more topical. While you’re out on a run, you’ll also notice crates you can smash for treats … or tricks.

Plus, as you’ll see in this trailer, the changes are more than just skin deep, meaning it’s not just the visuals that have changed:

You have to love the families continuing to visit the Sky Zoo in what is pretty obviously a massive thunderstorm. I guess when the kids bug you to go see the animals, you just go, eh?

Rodeo Stampede probably isn’t going to stay decked out for Halloween forever, so you’ll want to ride over to the App Store or Google Play and rustle you up a free download as soon as possible. And be sure to ride around and not through those tombstones on most animals, unless you want another one to be added to the course.

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