Puzzledrome is a Word Game That Uses Shapes Instead of Letters

By Nadia Oxford |

As awesome as the idea sounds, Puzzledrome by Asinine Games isn’t a game about waging arena-based death battles by lobbing Tetris pieces, candy, and jewels at your foe. Rather, Puzzledrome is a palindrome-building game that uses puzzle pieces instead of letters.

In case you need a refresher because you flung your grammar books out a closed plate-glass window on your last day of grade school (as is custom), a palindrome is a word or term that’s spelled the same forwards and backwards. The internet’s favorite example is “Taco Cat.” Taco Cat is a palindrome.

Assembling palindromes in Puzzledrome basically means getting a hang for word-building without using letters. It’s a wholly unique experience to be sure, and one that stretches your brain in ways that are unfamiliar, but satisfying and pleasant.

The game starts off easy enough with “words” made up of colorful geometrical shapes. Each one is very distinct, which helps keep you from getting confused. In order to move on to the next puzzle grid, you need to “spell” a word using these shapes, and said word must present itself identically forwards and backwards.

Easy enough when you have a straight line of five pieces. Much harder when you have an 8×8 grid pepperd with all sorts of shapes and colors. And to make things a little more spicy, Puzzledrome expects you to solve its riddles with as few moves as possible.

Puzzledrome is definitely one of the most unique “slide and match” puzzle games currently on the digital marketplace. It’s as cool as a Taco Cat, and available on the App Store for $1.99.

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