Portal Knights is one part RPG, one part Minecraft, and it’s out on mobile now

When Portal Knights dropped on Steam and consoles, it captured a lot of hearts with the way it took a fantasy RPG and added in randomized worlds, four-player co-op gameplay and yes, a hint of Minecraft in the way you can take those worlds apart block by block and re-craft them the way you see fit. Why not let mobile players in on the fun too?

Why not, indeed. Portal Knights is now available for both iOS and Android, complete with features that only recently arrived on other platforms — including Vacant Islands where your Warrior, Mage or Ranger can build a home away from monsters and new items and accessories.

“Players around the world have created countless unique adventures in Portal Knights since its launch earlier this year on PC and console, and because of their enthusiasm we wanted to make the fun even more accessible, first with our launch on Switch, and now with today’s mobile launch,” Tim Woodley, SVP of global brand and marketing, 505 Games, said in a press release. “You can now truly access the imaginative world of Portal Knights no matter where you are.”

We’ll be putting Portal Knights through its paces on mobile right away, so be sure to check back with Gamezebo for our review, guides and more.

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