Pooldiver Is a Diving Game with an Epic Touchscreen Twist

The Olympics is on television, which means lots of us are spending our time watching athletic people doing impressive things. If you’d rather get a bit more involved, Pooldiver gives you the chance to, well, dive into a pool.

Each playthrough sees you starting precariously perched on a diving board. You tap, jump off, and start to plummet towards your watery goal. While you’re falling, commands appear on the screen. You might need to swipe in a specific direction, tap out some numbers in the correct order, or trace a line on the screen. Get it right and you’ll pull off a new pose.

And as we all know, poses mean points. You’ve only got a short time to pull off each move, and if you mess up you lose your multiplier and your final rating takes a beating.

The game is an awful lot of ridiculous fun. There’s a brilliant sense of humour that runs through everything, as well as special moves you can pull off to push your score even higher. If that sounds like something that might get your fingers interested you can grab Pooldiver from the App Store or Google Play Store right now for nothing. And it’s definitely worth at least that.

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