Police Chase Race Is Brutally Simple, but I Can’t Stop Playing

By Jim Squires |

As far as new releases on the App Store go, this was a better week than most. From Nintendo’s first mobile app to the return of The Avengers, there are more than enough substantial releases this week to keep mobile gamers occupied.

And yet, defying all logic, I’ve spent the bulk of the last 24 hours playing Police Chase Race.

police chase race

The latest game from BoomBit (a studio whose regular quick-fix releases are helping them cement a name on mobile), Police Chase Race isn’t nearly the driving game that the screenshots suggest. Rather than trying to outrun a police car (or chase down a criminal), players will tap the screen to make both cars move to the outside of the screen. Police Chase Race is a game of avoidance, where players will tap to maneuver around obstacles on the road — and do little else.

Outside of mobile, that might sound like a dull chore — but on smartphones, where tiny bursts of play are cherished, Police Chase Race offers a satisfying chunk of gameplay in a chunky voxel package.

You’ll be able to spend earned currency on new vehicles with a gacha-style randomness, and once you do, the game’s title truly loses all meaning. Old timey roadsters, moving companies, and ice cream trucks eventually replace the police/criminal duo, giving players an incentive to keep up their dodging ways.

Police Chase Race isn’t revolutionary, and it’s not even the most noteworthy game this week — but I’ll be damned if I can stop playing it.

Police Chase Race is available as a free download on the App Store.

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