Pocket Mortys Gets a Schwifty New Update with, What Else, More Mortys

Dig out your portal gun and tell your Butter Robot you’ll be back in a few days, because Pocket Mortys just received it’s first big (and much needed) update!

Along with most of the typical stuff you’d expect, like miscellaneous bug fixes and a few adjustments to wayward grammar here and there, version 1.1 also makes it possible to FINALLY catch a Mascot Morty. I can’t even begin to properly express how relieved I am that this has finally been fixed. And as an added bonus, you don’t even have to hunt him down! Just keep an eye out for a Mascot Morty with a quest icon over his head wandering around the Citadel (check our crafting guide if you’re having trouble with the quest).


Oh but don’t go expecting to cap off your Morty collection just like that, broh. Aside from the fixes, Pocket Mortys is also getting additional content by way of 19 all new Mortys – bringing the collection total from 82 to 101. You’re gonna have your work cut out for you.

If you’ve been anxious to finally get your hands on a Mascot Morty, or simply relish the idea of capturing more alternate dimension versions of your grandson, you can download the latest Pocket Mortys update right now!

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