Pikachu Lens for Snapchat Turns Anyone Into Pikachu

There are many ways to acquire a Pikachu in different games. Catching ’em all is, after all, the raison d’être of all things Pokemon. But maybe you want to go even further and transform yourself into everyone’s favorite Electric-type Pokemon. Hey, no judgments here.

Snapchat is giving you the ability to turn yourself into Pikachu with the help of a brand new lens. The aptly named Pikachu Snapchat Lens is the result of a collaboration between Snap Inc. and The Pokemon Company, and it places Pikachu’s ears, nose and famously rosy cheeks over your own.

Not enough yellow goodness in your life? If you open your mouth while on camera, an animated Pikachu will jump onto your phone screen and speak before posing with you.

Remember when Nintendo really didn’t seem all that psyched about letting its most famous IPs appear on mobile in any shape or fashion? The company is reversing course in that area in a big way, and this is just the latest example. It’s fun, harmless and probably didn’t take a ton of work to pull off.

Plus, people seem to be digging it and are already speculating about future Pokemon lenses. You’ll want to check out the Pikachu Snapchat Lens in the app your kids use the most right now, because it’s only going to be around for a limited time.

Also, don’t blame us if someone throws a Pokeball at you. We’re just the messengers here.

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