Pac-Man Celebrates His 35th Anniversary With Sweet Update

By Nadia Oxford |

indiePac-Man is turning 35 years old, and Bandai Namco wants to celebrate his greatest achievement: Tutoring humanity on how to dispose of restless spirits using our mouths.

Oh, and Pac-Man also had something to do with kicking off a golden age of arcade gaming. Or something like that. No matter which excuse you turn to when commemorating the Pacster’s 35th, the latest Pac-Man mobile update will help ensure it’s a festive event.

The update, which is available now, includes a new multiplayer mode that lets you compete with friends and strangers for the best scores on the game’s leaderboards. Change your Game Center name to “BUM” for an authentic arcade Top 10 experience!


There are also new mazes, each with a special anniversary theme. Chase your way around mazes shaped like Blinky (the ghost dude), a cake, and Pac-Man himself.

Now nobody can ever accuse Pac-Man of being a coward. If a lesser person had to run through their own mind, they’d probably go mad. For Pac-Man, it’s just business as usual.

Don’t have it yet? Pac-Man is available on the App Store for $6.99.

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