Ones! is Like Threes! Meets Tetris

Despite what you might have guess from its name, Ones! is not a prequel to Sirvo’s hit counting game Threes!. That would admittedly be an interesting idea, but a true prequel to Threes! would probably involve using Roman numerals. Or maybe an abacus.

No, Ones! is another number-adding game, but with two differences that make it distinct from Threes!. First, it’s a title by Magic Cube, not Sirvo. Second, there are Tetris-like mechanics to contend with in addition to having to add numbers up.


Blocks fall from the sky, and each segment of each block is printed with a number. You can tap the block to rotate it and change its shape, and you can swipe left and right to steer its descent. When you match two or more “2” blocks, you get a  3 block. And by matching three “3” blocks, you get a 4 block. And so on and so on.

In time, the blocks pile up and you become overwhelmed, because that is the inevitable course of life, death, and Tetris. Ideally, you’ll want high-count blocks to occupy your limited space so that you can accumulate a score worth boasting about.

Ones! is currently available for $0.99 USD on the App Store and Google Play. That’s a temporary sale price of 66% off, however. Once the deal expires, the price of Ones! goes up. Can you handle the math?

(Psst – that’s $2.99 … ish).

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