OK Golf Gets a Major Upgrade

If you’re someone who, after seeing the mixed reviews for OK Golf at launch time, decided to give the game a miss, now is the time you might want to reconsider your decision. Rather than taking their clubs & balls and heading home, OKIDOKICO put in the work to make sure that OK Golf realized its full potential – the results of which can be found in a recent major update.

Rather than being slightly underwhelmed by the playing experience, this new version of OK Golf surpasses expectations – it’s better than just OK. Although it looks the same, tweaks to the controls and their sensitivity make it feel almost like a new game. The projection lines move slowly and the power shot, while still unpredictable, feels like it fits in a whole lot better with the more controlled shorter range shots.

OK Golf Tutorial
The tutorial in OK Golf 1.2 makes it easy to get the hang of things quickly.

The camera movements also feel much smoother, especially when auto-rotate comes into play. Moving between long-distance views for opening shots and close-ups on the green no longer feels jerky and with this smoothness comes the ability to identify unusual shots. While risk-taking doesn’t always pay off, in timed mode in particular living on the edge is often worth it.

OK Golf Gameplay
Taking risks on the unusual courses in OK Golf can really pay off.

Still, where you’ll feel the difference the most — especially if your first experience was with version 1.1 when most of the changes to the physics came in — is in the putting. The putting hasn’t gotten easier, but it’s definitely a more realistic experience, especially when it comes to overpowered putts and bounce-overs.

OK Golf Updated Putting Physics
Take your best shot with OK Golfs updated putting physics.

For those who haven’t visited OK Golf in a while because they mastered the game, there’s also a new course to be had that promises to really test your patience. Set in Aberdeen, Scotland, the wind on this one is something golf nightmares are made of, but scores points for realism. Whoever decided to give Chicago the moniker of ‘the Windy City’ clearly had never been to Aberdeen – or anywhere north of the Firth of Forth. Still, nothing’s unconquerable and it’s a good sign of more interesting content to come for those who stick with it.

OK Golf version 1.2 is available now.

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