Oh… Sir! is a Game of Dueling Insults

In the olden days, gentlemen used to settle disagreements by flinging insults at one another over a warm cup of tea. It was this more civilized time that Gambitious Digital Entertainment strives to recreate in “Oh… Sir!,” a game about coming up with the best insult.

The game is inspired by Monty Python’s Dead Parrot sketch, and involves two players stringing together words to form insulting phrases which are then scored and deducted from the opponent’s health bar. When the bar reaches zero, the other player wins.

Multiplayer is exclusively local 1v1 so it makes for a good game to have around while people are visiting for the holidays. I downloaded the game and gave it a spin. If you’re the more creative type you might do better creating insults on your own, as Oh… Sir!’s insults are rather limited in flexibility. However, I was able to generate some good insults, “This place still uses Windows Vista,” being my favorite.

Oh… Sir! was created in 42 hours during the amJam game jam event, and is available now for free on the App Store.

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