New Kairosoft Game, Biz Builder Delux, Out Now For Android

Kairosoft is a developer known for producing cute simulation games. From Pocket League Story, a game about managing a football (soccer) team, to Pocket Stables, a game about managing race horses, to Ninja Village, a game about taking care of a village of ninjas…Kairosoft has found one game genre that works for them and continues to pump out games with a different coat of paint each time.

The latest Kairosoft game to release is Biz Builder Delux, a simulation about running a small business.

biz1Released this week on Google Play, Biz Builder Delux allows players to exercise their entrepreneurial skills by putting them in the position of a small business owner. “From a video game store to the corner fast food joint,” the game description promises a wide range of career options for players to choose from.

Players will need to satisfy customer’s needs while keeping an eye on the competition if they are to rise up and become a success.

Kairosoft has a pretty spotty track record with us, —the three games of theirs that I previously mentioned (Pocket League Story, Pocket Stables, and Ninja Village) scored 4, 4, and 4.5 stars respectively, yet some of their titles (Hot Springs Story, Pocket Harvest) fell completely flat. We are hoping that Biz Builder Delux turns out to be another of their hits, rather than misses.

Biz Builder Delux is available on Google Play (no word on an iOS release) for $4.99.

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