Nethernovel is Exactly Like Undertale, Only Not

Nethernovel is a brisk RPG adventure that uses all of RPG Maker’s templates in the best possible way. It’s by Damian Sommer and Ryan Roth, the former also being responsible for the epic seat-of-your-pants version of Chess for mobile called Chesh. You should play it, it’s cool.

However, there’s nothing really strategic about Nethernovel (which, by the way, operates off a web URL and can therefore be played on a mobile web browser). It’s a journey of self-discovery and self-love, and as we well know, there’s no way to “win” or “lose” at such introspection–

Okay, actually, there is a way. Don’t pick your nose and wipe it on the bus stop sign while surrounded by commuters. Don’t pee in public flower beds. By refraining from such behavior, people will regard you as a human being and therefore worthy of the barest respect our society demands we show to other members of our species.

Anyway. Nethernovel.


Nethernovel is a parody of Undertale, Toby Fox’s recent (and frankly brilliant) RPG. Unlike Nethernovel, you can’t play Undertale on a web browser; it’s only distributed via Steam. So that’s already one point Nethernovel has over a potential Game of the Year.

Holy wow, do we ever live in a strange world.

You begin Nethernovel as a green pig named Moulder and a skeleton named Skelly. Skelly may or may not be a female; their attire is pretty, but that’s not exactly a confirmation of anything. As the game itself eventually reminds us, it’s 2015, and mandatory gender conformity is for the birds.

Skelly and Moulder must go on a long journey to bring peace to themselves and the world–

Scratch that. Skelly and Moulder must rescue the universe itself from the jaws of the nihilistic entity currently feasting on it–

All right. Skelly and Moulder are kind of hanging out, and stuff gradually happens as they continue to hang.


There is a story here, mind you. A soul-wrenching story about a long trip for some milk and a mother with lymphoma. There’s also some deep exploration into Skelly’s crumbling relationship with her boyfriend. Her galaxy boyfriend.

That’s his title. He’s not actually the galaxy’s lover. However, he may be available. It all depends on how you play the game.

See, like the RPG that inspired it, Nethernovel has three endings. The things you say and do and the friends you make have an impact on how the story progresses. So make sure you don’t swear at the wrong person, or you might wind up dead.

That’s harder than it sounds, because there is a lot of swearing in this game. Granted, it’s used to emphasize the vital importance of certain discussion points between characters, like Radiohead albums.


The words of the prophets leap straight from the mouths of our canine companions.

In short, play Nethernovel. Oh, and play Undertale too, for crying in the beer.

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