Nanuleu Brings Great Minimalist Strategy to Mobile

There’s a very fine line between what makes a satisfying strategy game for mobile and what feels too big to squeeze onto a small screen. Games like rymdkapsel and The Battle for Polytopia (aka Super Tribes) have done so marvelously, but few other games have managed to strike so smooth a balance between big and small.

Nanuleu can confidently join their ranks, though.

A game of grids and trees, players will engage in a unique minimalist version of real-time strategy that sees them planting saplings to grow resources, which in turn gives them what they need to grow an entire forest.

Different types of trees will grow different resources, which are spent when you choose which tree to plant next. Eventually you’ll have to shift your focus from resource-generating trees to turret trees, and trees that drop warriors as if they were ripe fruit. That’s because there are enemies on the board, and you’ll never be able to expand unless you get to the “root” of the problem and wipe them out for good.


Nanuleu is designed with slightly longer play sessions in mind than you might be used to on mobile. We’re not talking hours here, but if you want to complete a game of Nanuleu, you’ll need a good 15 or 20 minutes.

And as a strategy gamer who likes substance as much as he likes style, that’s quite alright by me.

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