Mortal Kombat X is Live on Android (Somewhere… We Think)

While we’ve had plenty of fun playing Mortal Kombat X on iOS, there’s no question that things have been off to a rocky start. From connection errors to problems logging into WBID, the iOS version has hit a few snags in its two weeks since launch.

Stranger still, the Android version didn’t release at the same time. At first we thought it might be a brief timed exclusive, with Android gamers getting in on the action when the full console game launched on March 14th. That didn’t happen. And now, finally, on April 22nd, the game has arrived on Google Play.

We just can’t figure out where in the world you need to live to play it.

mortal kombat x ios mobile

Initial reports confirmed the game to be live in Canada, but as a Canadian Android owner I can assure you this simply isn’t the case. A quick glance at the comments on DroidGamers suggests I’m not the only one who can’t install it from Canada, either. Reading further, it seems safe to say the game also isn’t in the US, UK or Bulgaria.

So where in the world is Mortal Kombat X on Android?

We’re not sure, but since there’s a Google Play page for it, we know it’s out there somewhere. If you’re an Android gamer too, give it a try from this link here. If it works, please let us know what country you’re in — your fellow readers are eager to know!

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