Let PAC-MAN Tell You The Time With Android Wear

After a recent software update (to 5.0), Android Wear now allows users to install custom face-plates for their watches. Bandai Namco has already taken advantage of the update and released a PAC-MAN-themed watch-face that features the iconic arcade character chomping around the outer edges of the watch.

Available for 99-cents, the PAC-MAN watch-face is available now for Android Wear devices that have the 5.0 update installed.

Electronic Arts also released a custom (and free) watch-face which features a zombie from Plants vs. Zombies, pointing out the time.

plants vs zombies watchface android wear

If you’re more interested in games than watch-faces, Android Wear has a slowly-growing library of games available to play: Deadly Spikes, Invaders, Castle Wear, and Jetman Freestyle are just some of the games I spied as I browsed through Google Play. You’re wearing a watch more powerful than the computers that sent a man to the moon, you owe it to yourself to give these games a shot.

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