Knights of Pen and Paper 2 Unleashes Its Fist of +1 Fury

One does not simply one-up the great Bruce Lee! Well, unless your tongue is firmly in cheek, which is generally the case with Knights of Pen and Paper 2. Paradox Interactive and Kyy Games are bringing a little taste of the East to their throwback RPG in an expansion that really is called “Fist of +1 Fury.”

The new content includes a new class, the Monk, and all the kung-fun you can shake a bo staff at. Paradox is promising ninjas, masters of sober boxing, new quests and new gear. Also talking pandas.

It’s all done up in the classic 16-bit style the game has made famous. Actually, it was famous long before the game ever graced our mobile screens, but you know what I mean.

Fist of +1 Fury is live now for both the iOS and Android editions of Knights of Pen and Paper 2, which you can grab from the App Store or Google Play so you can own some oni. And just so you know, those bad puns are theirs, not mine.

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