Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Update Lets You Get Frisky, Have Babies

In the Kingdom of Hollywood, style and swag is measured on tier. Tier one is having a matching outfit. Tier two is having a matching outfit adorned with some pieces of flair. Tier ten is adopting a pet and blinging out every inch of its collar. And tier fifteen is a producing or adopting a fully-accessorized baby.

Let no-one say that starlet Kim Kardashian and her closest BFF’s are lacking style. The latest update to the wildly popular social mobile game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood now lets you advance to the loftiest tier of trendiness: Baby ownership.


Okay, so “ownership” isn’t the greatest word-choice here, but the point is you and your partner can bring a baby into Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. You can dress them up in adorable outfits (my personal suggestion: Opt for hoodies that look like bunny or bear ears) and lay them down for a nap in your house’s new nursery extension, also available in the 3.0 update.

Aside from baby-having, the update lets you in on new quests, new events, and lots more. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is free to download, so free your inhibitions and bring forth digital life.

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