Kim Kardashian and Glu Do Their Best Willy Wonka

If you’re an avid player of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, you’ve met KimK plenty of times. She is your best friend after all.

Then you put down your phone, pay for your groceries, and come back to reality (where your best friend may or may not be 19 cats).

But what if it was more than a game? What if playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood could make you Kim’s bestie in real life? Glu wants to give you the chance to meet Mrs. Kardashian-West face-to-face in their newly launch Meet Kim Sweepstakes.

Meet Kim Sweepstakes

To enter, players will need to complete 5-star projects to earn “K-Tickets” which double as your sweepstakes entries. The sweepstakes closes on March 30th, after which time five winners will be flown to California to meet Kim (presumably to be given a tour of her chocolate factory. Mind the Oompa Loompas!)

Ok… no chocolate factory. But there is a decidedly Willy Wonka vibe to all of this. Best of luck to everyone in search of those five golden tickets. You can read the complete Sweepstakes rules here.

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